Monday, July 29, 2013

LiveFit Trainer Phase 1 Day 22

This is the start of my fourth week on the trainer; therefore, it is the last week of phase 1!  Since it was my day off today, I slept in which felt pretty amazing.  My day started pretty sucky dealing with some personal stuff.  If you follow me on Instagram, a lot of this will sound familiar.  Today was just one of those days when I truly realized how far I have come.  Two and a half years ago, I was unhappy, about 60 pounds overweight, in an unhealthy relationship that wasn't positive for me at all, passive aggressive about my issues, stricken with anxiety attacks and felt as if there was no way out.  I dealt with my issues by drowning my sorrows in sugary sweets that I hated myself for eating later.  Today I've lost about 40 of the 60 pounds and put on some decent muscle.  I even beat my personal records for leg day today, including hitting ass to the grass squats at 115 pounds for 3 sets of 10.  While my passive aggressiveness is still there, I am getting better at this as well.  If I have a problem with something or someone, I say my peace, and I have learned to deal with my problems in a healthier way.  I take my anger or sorrow out on my workout, like today for example.  These are snapshots of my Polar watch after today's workout.  I was pretty upset heading into the gym, but I left feeling absolutely on top of the world!  Endorphins are kick ass!

I did the leg workout from last week with higher weights as well as a 10 minute mile run and 40 minutes walking on an incline of 5 on the treadmill.  I was going to do Zumba as well, but my knee was in a lot of pain from this workout.  I want to be in full health for Warrior Dash and not re-injure my knee.

I am so proud of myself for what I have accomplished in two and a half years, and I will never go back to being that insecure girl I used to be.  I am not to where I want to be yet, but I will get there!

Well I am off of my soap box for the evening!  Hope everyone didn't have too bad of a case of the Mondays!

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