Thursday, August 29, 2013

LiveFit Trainer Phase 2 Days 52 & 53

I am doing a two day combined post, since I will be making another post with the recipe for the dessert I made for the overnight I worked last night.  Overnight shifts make it super difficult for me to keep up on my diet and workouts.  Yesterday, I tried to sleep as late as possible and ended up waking up around my usual time.  Go figure!  My body is so used to waking up to go to the gym around 9 or 10 AM!  I busted through my chest workout and planned my meals accordingly so that I would have plenty of food to eat during the overnight, and I wouldn't be tempted with everyone else's delicious food.  I did fine food wise throughout the overnight.  My issues began when I woke up today.  After going to sleep at 6 AM, I woke up around 1 PM to eat "breakfast."  I had an absolutely delicious breakfast burrito, but then I was still hungry.  Therefore, I got out the jars of peanut butter!  I may or may not have eaten like half a jar of peanut butter, but all in all, I ended up eating 2300 calories total.  I was super depressed when it came time to go to the gym, and even though I was incredibly tired, I set my mind to working off all of the extra calories I ate, which meant that I needed to burn around 850 calories to bring my net calories back down to 1450.  I would not suggest this as a dieting technique, but I felt a lot better about eating those peanut butter sandwiches after my gym session.  Today was shoulder day by the way, which is my second favorite.  I am now sitting in my kitchen waiting for my chicken to finish baking so that I can cut it up and weigh it for this week's meals.  I got a really great deal on boneless skinless chicken breasts at Wal-Mart.  They were only $1.99 a pound, so let's just say I bought a lot!  Hope everyone's week is going well!  After this chicken cooks, I will be calling it an early bed time.

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