Sunday, August 4, 2013

LiveFit Trainer Phase 1 Day 28

I cannot believe phase 1 is over!  Before I post my new measurements and progress pictures, I want to begin by saying that there wasn't much change in this phase.  Initially, I was very disappointed with that, but then I did some Googling about others who have completed the trainer.  They all seemed to have similar results after phase 1.  I have found that many people don't lose much weight in the first four weeks, because it is purely weight training with no cardio.  However, it is important to take this step in order to build good quality muscle that will be exposed through the addition of cardio, supersets and plyometrics in the next two phases.  I am anxious to see the changes after the next four weeks, but I have promised myself that I will not touch a scale or measuring tape until the end of phase 2 when I am ready to put up my next set of progress pictures.  I end up obsessing over the numbers too much when I should just look in the mirror and notice the changes in my body.  I have noticed muscle growth and changes in where I am holding weight on my body.  Now here is a comparison by the numbers:

                   Pre-Measurements:                                       End of Phase 1:
Weight:              151.8 lbs.                                                   150 lbs.
Waist:                 30"                                                            29.5"
Hips:                   40"                                                            39.5"
Chest:                 36"                                                             35"
Thighs:                21.5"                                                          21"
Biceps:                12"                                                             12"

Tomorrow begins phase 2 which is the introduction of moderate steady state cardio.  I am going to be extremely strict with myself this coming week, so that I can have fun at Warrior Dash.  I have plans to have a beer, a turkey leg and some frozen yogurt.  I did treat myself with a peanut butter and banana sandwich after work this evening for the completion of day 1, but other than the peanut butter, it was all clean and healthy.  I look forward to what tomorrow will bring!

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