Sunday, August 18, 2013

LiveFit Trainer Phase 2 Days 37-42

I know!  I know!  I've totally been neglecting this blog, and I'm writing a combined post for 6 days.  I had closing shifts at work every night for the last 6 days, so it made it very difficult to write the posts when I got home.  I am not going to promise now that I will post every day from now on, because I want these posts to be useful and fun to read.  If nothing truly interesting happens I may skip that day and combine it with another day's post.  I don't want to just post every day to have a new post.

Here is the run down for this past week:

Tuesday (Day 37): Chest, Abs and Cardio
Wednesday (Day 38): Legs
Thursday (Day 39): Arms, Abs and Cardio
Friday (Day 40): Shoulders and Cardio
Saturday (Day 41): Legs and additional Cardio
Sunday (Day 42): Rest Day

These were all the same workouts as last week, which have daily posts and bulleted lists.  The workouts will change again next week, which means new exercises to try!  I haven't really checked the trainer fully yet for tomorrow, but I will be doing so once this post is complete!

I am still going by my goal of not weighing myself until the end of phase 2!  It is extremely difficult, but I will meet this goal.  I feel like this is important to my mental health, so I don't get so obsessive.  There are some days when I feel skinnier, and some days when I don't.  So I'm not sure if I have really lost much weight or not.  I'm hoping when I step on the scale in two weeks it'll say 146 or lower.  On the bright side, I'M HALFWAY THROUGH THE TRAINER!!!!!  This week completes week 6, so I am halfway there!

I was also really excited this week, because I purchased a Keurig!  One thing that I've noticed since I started dieting and eating healthier is that I have a new love of peanut butter, as well as coffee.  I never really had either all that much before dieting, but now I want some every day!  I was spending entirely too much money at Starbucks, and since Kohl's had associate shopping days, I decided now was the time to buy!!  I absolutely love it, and for the last two days since I bought it, I have had amazing flavored coffee every morning.  I sweeten it with Stevia and unsweetened almond milk!  MMM!!! So good!

Well I guess that is all I have for this post.  Next week will definitely be more interesting with the new workouts, and I will be trying out at least one new recipe as I will be working an overnight next weekend!!

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