Sunday, September 15, 2013

LiveFit Trainer Phase 3 Day 65-70

Honesty time.

I fell off the diet band wagon majorly this week.  I could list a ton of excuses, but I'm not going to.  The fact is I was just tired and sick of eating the same thing everyday.  I got a taste of high carb day after three days of eating less than 85 grams of carbs and couldn't get enough.  My body loves carbs, and I don't think it is best for me to lower my intake of them so much.  I should've realized this a long time ago.  I tried the Atkin's diet once, and it made me sick to my stomach not eating carbs.  So basically I haven't been tracking or eating as healthy for the past few days.  I went to a friend's wedding reception and had a few drinks and cake.  I may have gone a little overboard with the sweets, but when my body craves something, it craves it until it is completely satiated.

Therefore, I have been doing a lot of research.  Initially it started as research for what I plan on doing after the 12 week trainer is up, but I may choose to begin the diet portion of it slightly earlier.  The carb cycling is just not working for me.  I have been gaining weight, and I think it may be because of the binge eating mainly but also because I'm not used to eating the higher amount of calories.  This led me to believe that I may have done some damage to my metabolism by eating such low calorie amounts and exercising so intensely.  In order to fuel my metabolism fire, I found a more flexible diet that gradually increases caloric intake and carb intake in order to boost metabolism and lose weight.  It is part of the IIFYM movement or If It Fits Your Macros.  Check out for more details.  Basically macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) are scientifically calculated to fit your daily needs.  You eat mainly nutrient dense "healthy" foods, but you are allowed to fit in treats, or foods that are generally considered "bad" or "unhealthy" as long as they fit into your macros.  It is a more flexible diet plan that allows for life to happen.  With the cutting dieting I've been doing, I've struggled so much with feeling like I can't go out with friends or have dinner with my family, because there would be too much temptation.  I want to learn moderation and control.  I want to control the food, not let the food control me.

I am currently waiting for my personalized macros.  I had them calculated by an online coach.  The calculations will give me my macronutrient build-up through reverse dieting, then fat loss macros until I reach my goal weight.  It will be a longer process, but I think that will be better for me as well.  I don't have a deadline with reverse dieting to meet my goal weight, because it is more of a lifestyle change.  Whereas with this trainer, as the end of the 12 weeks gets nearer, I stress more and more over the fact that I haven't lost any weight, then I end up depriving myself more.  Deprivation is not the answer for me, because it just causes my body to rebel and binge.

I will be finishing out the trainer, but my posts for the next two weeks will be mostly about the workouts rather than the diet.  I won't be following the diet as closely in regard to the carb cycling.  I will be eating healthier again in order to fuel my body.  When my macro calculations come in, I will begin them.  I will also have a post about it in more detail when I know how it will work for me personally.  It is still pretty new to me, but I have seen the results in a lot of people.  Calories are calories no matter where they come from.  I need to learn how to properly feed my body and stoke the metabolic fire in order to promote better weight loss and meet my goals.  I'm building next summer's bikini body starting now!

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