Monday, September 9, 2013

LiveFit Trainer Phase 3 Day 64

I struggled to wake up today, but once I got up, I was ready to get back to the grind after a very satisfying cheat day.  The workout for today was the same as Monday of last week.  The only real change was in the diet plan.  For the last three weeks of the trainer, Jamie has you on a carb cycle.  You calculate how many carbs you eat for low carb days and high carb days on the website and then strive to meet those macros each day without going over.

Today was a low carb day, so my calculator told me to eat:

  • 1700 calories
  • 85 grams of carbs
  • 238 grams of protein
  • 45 grams of fat
I was extremely busy today with volunteering at the fair, so I did not get to these numbers.  I did not break my diet though, even when surrounded by all of that delicious fried fair food.  I'm a little behind on meal prep and need to do some grocery shopping, but I will do my best tomorrow with what I have and will not go over the macros.  Then Wednesday I am planning on doing some major meal prepping, so I can follow the diet exactly for the rest of the trainer.  I want to have the energy to complete the workouts and fuel my body.
I mentioned that I would have new goals after my cheat day, so here they are:

  • I am going to challenge myself to not eat peanut butter for three weeks, because I have a problem with moderation when it comes to peanut butter.  I am only going to allow myself PB2, which I mostly use in my protein shakes.
  • I will not go over my macros for any of the days in the next three weeks, and I will try to get as close to meeting them as possible.
  • By the end of the three weeks, I want to have a set plan in place for what I will do afterward.

I know this is an extremely short post, but I have been walking around and on my feet all day.  I am beat and ready for bed!

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