Tuesday, September 3, 2013

LiveFit Trainer Phase 3 Day 58

Day 2 of Phase 3!  After yesterday's intense workout, I was a little bit iffy about today's workout, but I knew I had to get my butt into the gym and do it!  I was least looking forward to the sprints at the end.  Although I am quite proud of myself with how far I have come from the beginning of this trainer.  I feel like I am in really decent shape, and despite my knee hurting slightly during the sprints, I was surprised with how well I completed it.

For the back, arms, abs, and sprint workout, I again had to lower my weights a little with higher reps.  I also had to adjust a little bit with sprints due to my knee.  I don't want to over-stress my knee and re-injure it, so rather than doing my sprints at level 8, I moved it down to level 7, which was still intense but manageable.  Jamie says in the trainer that if you have joint problems, these higher intensity workouts can be taxing on them, so you should adjust to your needs.

I am icing my knee as I type this as an extra precaution as well, because I am bound and determined to make it through these four weeks at my best effort!  See you tomorrow with my daily workout as well as a recipe for Low Carb Snickers Cake!

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