Sunday, May 26, 2013

Caramel Apple Protein Pancakes

So I may be a little bit in love with breakfast food, especially pancakes, and these were pretty amazing if I do say so myself!  Same base recipe as my other protein pancakes with a few differences.

1/4 c. rolled oats
2 T fat free cottage cheese
1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
1/2 apple
1 t ground cinnamon
9 T liquid egg whites
1 T Walden Farms caramel syrup

The first step has nothing to do with the actual pancake but with the topping.  Take the other half of the apple that you are not using in the batter and chop it up into bite size pieces.  Spray a non stick pan with cooking oil like Pam and toss the apple pieces in with a pinch of cinnamon.
Using the other half of the apple as a topping allows for a little crunch and more sweetness.  It is a fantastic topping addition.  The apple pieces need sauteed just to the point where they start to get a little bit mushy.
While the apple pieces are in the pan cooking, you can blend together the pancake ingredients listed.  I used my Ninja single serve smoothie cup and blended it really smooth, so there were no apple chunks or oat chunks left.

Cook the pancakes in the heated pan you used for the apples.  Don't put the heat up too high, and I would suggest spraying the pan again for each new pancake.  I have found that pancakes with a fruit base tend to be thinner and stick to the pan more.
When the pancakes have all been cooked, layer them with the pieces of cooked apple pieces.
When layering mine, I did not put apples between the first two layers in order to give it a stronger base and have some more apples to put on the top.  I also topped mine with more cinnamon and Walden Farms caramel sauce.
These pancakes were absolutely amazing!  I could've eaten them by themselves without any topping at all.

Macros for whole batch including topping:
426 calories
4 grams of fat
54 grams of carbs
10 grams of dietary fiber
23 grams of sugar (all natural because of the apple)
47 grams of protein

Enjoy everyone!!!

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